Virtual Airline Associate Policy

1. Minimum Requirements

  • 1.1 Management supports VATSIM and encourages pilots to fly online
  • 1.2 5 pilots with Vatsim ID on roster
  • 1.3 Valid Website (no free websites allowed)
  • 1.4 Display VATSIM Logo with a link to β€œwww.vatsim.net” on homepage or Partners Section
  • 1.5 Active Email Address for communication with VA Department
  • 1.6 VA use of single callsign prefix
  • 1.7 Do not have the same name as an existing VA Partner.
  • 1.8 Behavior; as a VA Associate, each VA will maintain decorum and respect both on the

VATSIM network and in their own website communications regarding comments, discussions and interactions with other VATSIM members and participants

2. Rules

  • 2.1 Only the VAA Program banner will be displayed
  • 2.2 Audit every 60 days
  • 2.3 Growth rate greater than 20% at each audit
  • 2.4 Maximum duration 270 days.
  • 2.5 All requirements audited in the Partner VAs will be analyzed in the VAs of the program

3. Advantages

  • 3.1 The VAs participating in the program will have their site names and a link to their website published on VASOPS.vatsim.net which is visited by many pilots seeking to join a VA
  • 3.2 VA progress report sent following each audit tracking progress toward meeting the Partner requirements
  • 3.3 When the VA reaches the minimum requirements it is automatically added to the VA Partner team
  • 3.4 As a VA Partner become eligible to participate in the VATSIM Pilot Training Department as an Authorized Training Organization
  • 3.5 VA Partners are eligible to co-sponsor events with VATSIM ARTCCs/FIRs