Member Rules and Conduct


The Virtual Air Traffic Simulation (VATSIM) Network is operated under three principal governing items: Code of Conduct, Code of Regulations, and VATSIM User Agreement. When joining the network, you as a account holder agreed to comply with the Code of Conduct and User Agreement. These two items pertain to the standards in which all account holders should act, follow, and meet when using the VATSIM network and its other official mediums like websites, forums, groups, etc. Though these governing documents may be a bit long and dull, they are important pieces that keep the network under a unified standard of positivity and productivity.

Code of Conduct

One of the main goals of VATSIM is to create an environment that is fun and, at the same time, educational and realistic simulation of procedures followed by pilots and air traffic controllers every day around the world. To further these goals, account holders of VATSIM must comply with the following Code of Conduct. This Code sets forth how account holders are expected to conduct themselves.

Section A

Section A of the CoC pertains to the basic general rules of conduct on the network including items like what name you may sign in to the network as, appropriate places for private conversations, VATSIM Streaming platform behavior, and a large variety of other conduct related rules

Section B

Section B of the CoC pertains to pilot activities and flight on the network. Each account holder should become familiar with the sections’ basic requirements and must abide by them each flight.

Section C

Section C of the Code of Regulations pertains to Air Traffic Controllers and the services they provide.

Code of Regulations

The VATSIM Code of Regulations is the set of statues that outline how the network is organized and operated. It contains various items such as organizational structure, job title responsibilities, statues in which the Board of Governors operate, and more.